IT Support Specialist

Tirana, Albania

Role Description

We are looking for an IT Support Specialist with up to 3 years of experience that has the right attitude and passion to become the point of reference for everything concerned with the company’s digital continuity (laptops, mobile phones, printers, etc.) and ensure our business operates without threats and disruptions.

This will be a part-time position (25 working hours a week)

Timeframe flexibility is available and can be discussed during the interview process.


IT Management:

  • Define IT needs of current and new employees.
  • Make recommendations to improve computer and communication systems in use.
  • Assist the purchase of electronic devices (e.g. computers, mobiles, printers etc.).
  • Review invoices, contracts and suppliers of IT equipment.
  • Upgrade and manage systems to ensure they are operating effectively and efficiently (Software and Hardware).
  • Explore and implement IT solutions that can improve safety and lower operational costs.

IT Support:

  • Manage admin privileges and user logins on all deployed equipment.
  • Assist on-site and remote users in troubleshooting common computer issues or concerns.
  • Reply to requests for information technology services, repairs, support, inquiries or complaints.
  • Provide simple written guides to facilitate resolution of FAQs and common known issues.
  • Troubleshoot security systems and cameras.


  • Assist the review of Security-related procedures.
  • Maintain Security Policy.

What we are looking for:

An IT support specialist is technologically savvy and comfortable troubleshooting computer issues. In addition to that, a successful IT support specialist is expected to have the following skills:

  • Analytical: Evidence of situation awareness applied to problem solving.
  • Communication: You will need to be comfortable and well-spoken on the phone both in English and Albanian (Italian is a plus). You will also be required to possess the communication skills to give clear and concise written instructions and advice.
  • Creative thinking: You are invited to be an outside-of-the-box thinker to provide solutions that can be lasting.
  • Organization: Showcase a disciplined and organized work routine. Organizational skills can help you keep all of your ticket requests in order.
  • Technical: A demonstrated solid understanding of electronic devices and computer software and hardware.

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