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EU Taxonomy Alignment Calculation

Our solution addresses the three main challenges financial actors face regarding the EU Taxonomy:

  • EU Taxonomy and SFDR – 2022 New Regulatory Updates

    Data Poverty

    We provide missing data from companies by using public online information, specialized data providers, market & sector research leveraging Natural Language Processing to derive useful insights

  • EU Taxonomy and SFDR – 2022 New Regulatory Updates

    Inadequate Sector Standards

    We provide EU Taxonomy alignment using a sector classification based on the NAICS 6+ Digit standard which let the user understand in depth the activities done by the company (and has a perfect match with 84% of the EU taxonomy activities)

  • EU Taxonomy and SFDR – 2022 New Regulatory Updates

    Monitoring & Reporting

    We provide EU Taxonomy alignment calculation at company, fund, asset manager and asset owner level, full transparency on the most granular data sources, and continuous monitoring of all calculations as well as ad-hoc reporting capabilities

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