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Cardo AI’s IDP System

Cardo AI’s IDP System At Cardo AI we recently built and implemented our own IDP (Identity Provider) system. Read more to find out what it is, how it benefits our platform and the work behind it! What is the IDP The IDP refers to ‘Identity Provider’. It is a service that handles user Authentication & Authorization for […]

Cardo AI – Top 20 outstanding Deep Tech Scaleups in Europe

Cardo AI is in the top 20 Scaleups list in Europe. Our company has been selected for the EIT Digital Challenge 2021, Europe’s flagship competition for Deep Tech scaleups. 20 finalists from 10 European countries will compete on 21 September Cardo AI has been selected by EIT Digital, Europe’s largest digital innovation community, as a […]

Financial Data Extraction from Statements with Machine Learning

Data is the foundation that drives the whole decision-making process in the finance ecosystem. With the growth of fin-tech services the process of collecting this data is more easy accessible, and for a data scientist becomes necessary to develop a set of information extraction tools that would automatically fetch and store this relevant data. Doing […]