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Our 2021 in Review at Cardo AI
2021 Review – What happened this year at Cardo AI

As we are starting the new year, we took a look back at what we were able to accomplish during 2021. January is an ideal time to reflect on what we’ve achieved so far and what we expect to do in the months ahead. 

Cardo AI closes another round of funding
Cardo AI closes another Funding Round of €3.5 Million to accelerate the growth plan 

Cardo AI, an Italian fintech that develops AI-based solutions for private debt markets, has closed a €3.5 million funding round.

What's it like to work in CARDO AI
What’s it like to work in CARDO AI

Are you wondering what it’s like to work in Cardo AI? Discover everything you need to know about the employee experience in Cardo. 

Cardo AI becomes a PRI signatory
Cardo becomes a PRI signatory

Cardo AI becomes a PRI signatory. Find out what PRI is and what this change means for our organization towards the promotion of ESG principles.

Cardo Kickstart Training Program for recent graduates
Cardo Kickstart – Our Training Program for Recent Graduates
If you just finished your studies and you’re looking for a challenging first job opportunity, Cardo Kickstart, our training program for recent graduates, might be just the right fit for you.
Cardo AI – Top 20 outstanding Deep Tech Scaleups in Europe

Cardo AI in the running for the EIT Digital Challenge 2021, Europe’s flagship competition for Deep Tech scaleups.

From leveraging data to DATA LEVERAGE

Imagine being a bank, an asset manager, or an investment fund with a well-established franchise in the loan industry that wants to expand its activity by tapping into new markets, products or geography. 

EU Taxonomy: A tool for ESG transition or a nightmare?

The EU Taxonomy is one of the most significant developments in sustainable finance and will have wide-ranging implications for investors and issuers working in the EU and beyond. 


    PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment – the world’s leading advocate for sustainable investing, founded on a United Nations initiative) has recently published an interesting report on the incorporation of ESG in securitization products.

    Koala sleeping related to Sleep Tight with Automated Testing using pytest
    Sleep Tight with Automated Testing

    In the initial steps of my career, when I just started writing software, only the senior developers of my company felt responsible to write tests for their code. Over the years, this has become mainstream.

    CARDO AI supports with Banca Valsabbina and Azimut in a new securitization of € 200 million to support Italian SMEs

    This transaction follows the previous securitization of € 100 million launched in September 2020, as part of the “Slancio Italia” project.

    No Industry for Late Data

    The need for real time transaction data amid regulators’ requirements and investors’ need for higher transparency

    Handling missing values & data in Machine Learning Modelling with Python
    Handling missing values in ML Modelling (with Python)

    During my experience as a data scientist, one of the most common problems I have faced during the process of data cleaning/exploratory analysis has been the handling of missing tabular values. 

    Office employee doing Financial Data Extraction from Statements with Machine Learning
    Financial Data Extraction from Statements with Machine Learning

    Data is the foundation that drives the whole decision-making process in the finance ecosystem. 

    What you should know about being a developer in a Fintech startup…

    Upon finishing my Bachelor’s, I never imagined I would find myself in the crossroad between the digital lending market and software engineering, with the former being just a part of the broad Fintech domain.

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