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Cardo AI launches the Hyper Data Room: our new groundbreaking VDR system

At Cardo AI we have a brand new product: the hyper data room. Keep reading to find out more about our new groundbreaking data room system and how it can help asset managers and institutional investors manage their private debt investments. Organizations operating in the private debt market need to be able to analyze investment opportunities and deals, estimate their potential value, and prioritize the best options. In addition, asset managers and investors have to provide data, information, and attention to various stakeholders, which means they need a way to securely store and share critical information. Cardo AI hyper data room enables our clients to do just that.

What is Cardo AI’s Hyper Data Room?

Virtual data rooms are online repositories of information that allow multiple agents to view, analyze and collaborate on critical data and documents. As our platform holds important information regarding transactions, loans, and securitization activities, the VDR system will make it very easy for our users to access sensitive documents, contracts, and any other type of data they are ready to share with a third party, in a very secure, cost-effective and efficient manner. But Cardo AI’s Data room doesn’t stop there. You will also gain a deep understanding of the risks associated with your investments, identify and focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities, and track your estimated performance with the help of powerful summary statistics our system dashboard provides. Furthermore, as VDRs use encrypted web connections, the storage of all sensitive data and distribution of documents is completely secure. You will never have to worry about the safety of your data again!

Benefits of a hyper data room with Cardo AI

There are several benefits of implementing a data room solution. Let’s look at some of the main advantages of a VDR system and how specifically Cardo AI’s hyper data room can bring value to your organization!

Advanced analytics

In order to support the assessment and analysis processes, the data room offers advanced analytic tools and detailed views on your operations, which allows you to gain even more insights into your business and increase the accuracy of your decisions. A high granularity means that you can dive into your data at an individual deal or transaction level. For example, from your portfolio view, you can have a 1 click drill-down to single loan data, or 2 clicks drill-down to cash flows view.  Cardo AI’s hyper data room will enable you to quickly answer questions such as:
  • What is the estimated value of this investment opportunity?
  • What are the potential upside/downside scenarios for these investments?
  • What has been the past performance for my target sectors?
  • And much more!

Accessibility and reliability

With our hyper data room, investors have a centralized point of access for their existing and potential transactions, which reduces errors and time spent crunching data. It becomes very easy to navigate information and streamline workflows, as data rooms ensure the quality, accessibility, and reliability of data in all stages of the transaction. Furthermore, agents are able to keep data always updated thanks to an automatized sync process, that provides powerful, real-time insights.

Fully Digital and Fast Due Diligence

The due diligence process can be complex and challenging, as a lot of sensitive data is handled through it. This usually results in slow operations and a lot of time spent managing documents. With Cardo AI’s hyper data room, you can facilitate the due diligence process or audit process by digitalizing and speeding up significantly all operations.

What you can do with our Hyper Data Room

Here are some of the main actions that the data room enables you to do very quickly:
  • Easy retrieval of data: with our user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, you need just a few clicks to get the insights and documents you need.
  • Advanced Filtering: Do you want to analyze a certain pool of assets from selected industries? Or filter up data based on deal size? With data rooms, users can quickly select and filter specific pools of assets, according to their needs.
  • Data stratification and aggregation: according to different dimensions such as geography, sector ecc.
  • Quick calculation of summary statistics

Complete transparency

Transparency is essential as market agents have to analyze great volumes of data and often need to create, organize and exchange a variety of sensitive documents. With data rooms, you can easily keep data always up-to-date to grant full transparency and comply with regulatory requirements from external parties. 

How do we ensure complete transparency?

A dedicated help module inside the data room allows the user to know exactly how the algorithms work and what is the logic behind the displayed data. 

Secure access to the information you need, anytime and anywhere

Gain secure access at any time and from any location worldwide with a web browser.

Enable different authorizations and security levels

Multi-layered permissions can ensure that external parties only access the information they need. Options for restricting what users can do with files can also be defined, while new members and external parties can be quickly added to the data room with one click. Granting temporary or permanent access to selected users becomes easier than ever, allowing you to always detain maximum control over sensitive and confidential information.
Are you ready to revolutionize the way you manage your private debt investments? Discover more about our hyper data room system and request your demo today!