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Distressed Assets: sell smarter, collect more, invest confidently

Since the financial crisis of 2007-2008, distressed assets have been one of the most attractive and highly remunerative asset classes. However, for sellers, servicers and investors navigating this asset class presents unique challenges due to its inherent complexity and unreliable data. Relying solely on aggregated data treats distressed assets as isolated entities, overlooking the interconnected […]

Stratification: the power of layered risk analysis

Many originators currently take days to understand the risks associated with your transactions. This is due to their reliance on manual processes for analyzing asset data. These manual processes involve pulling information from internal management systems, classifying each asset or transaction individually, and then running calculations to assess risk. This time-consuming and tedious approach limits […]

Trade Faith with Fact: Transaction Manager

Transaction Manager Tool

Asset-based transactions require complex calculations to determine the borrowing base, which affects the amount that  can be drawn from existing facilities. In a standard scenario, a borrower must adhere to various asset-level eligibility criteria, enforce concentration limits (often around 50 for a typical US consumer loan transaction) on an aggregated level, and dynamically adjust advance […]

Multicurrency: managing ABF transactions across global markets

No more limits on where you invest globally. With our new Multicurrency feature, you can invest in every currency, and with a click of a button, integrate all your complex ABF transactions in the base currency of your fund. Implementing robust systems, processes, and risk management strategies is essential to mitigate the challenges associated with […]

Beyond static metrics: uncover hidden risks and maximize returns with advanced analytics

Structured finance thrives on data-driven decisions. Spotting trends requires dynamic, easily configurable metrics that can summarize vast datasets and streamline operations. At Cardo AI, we understand these challenges. That’s why we’ve pioneered advancements in transition matrix and vintage default analysis. These powerful metrics give you the insights you need to make smart decisions, fast.  What’s […]

Navigate ABL transactions with ease through our new tailored solution

Successfully managing Asset-Based Lending (ABL) transactions demands expertise and continuous attention. Lacking the appropriate technology makes it difficult to efficiently analyze extensive data sets, leading to delays in decision-making and hampering adaptability to market shifts. That’s where Cardo AI’s new ABL solution steps in, mitigating inaccuracies in asset tracking, covenant management, and collateral monitoring. What’s […]

Maximize transaction integrity in Structured Finance with our new Data Validation

The lack of integrity in ABF transactions can have severe repercussions, from legal and regulatory issues to reputational damages and financial losses. Therefore, it is important to implement robust controls and governance mechanisms to mitigate these risks. This is where Cardo AI’s Data Validation comes in to help.  What’s in it for you? Why does […]