ESG incorporation
in securitised products

ESG is expected to have a big impact on the European securitization market. With investors requiring a comprehensive approach for integrating ESG factors in securitization transactions and regulators still developing a standardized framework, market practitioners are constantly seeking answers for their day-to-day activities.

At CARDO AI, we addressed the main challenges and opportunities that the securitization market is facing when it comes to ESG with a renowned panel of experts. In this report, we summarized the main topics and insights that emerged during our ‘Incorporating ESG in securitization products’ webinar.

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ESG application on securitization products:
The online webinar

There are four main needs emerging from market actors in regards to ESG incorporation in securitized products:
standard definitions and reporting, quality data, data consistency, and sustainable assets.
During the webinar, we addressed these needs
while looking at concrete strategies to incorporate
ESG in securitisations.
Watch the live webinar to discover more.

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