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Comply with the

EU Taxonomy regulation

Our solution helps financial actors
marketing their products within the EU to report on the taxonomy alignment for their article 8 and 9 products.

We solve the ESG data gaps for

Alternative Investors
Asset Managers

with significant
SME exposure


sector standards

The NACE standard dates back to 2006 and is the most used framework in Europe, but it fails to capture the majority of EU Taxonomy activities, let alone the latest developments in the economy,

To overcome this challenge, we have built a customized sector taxonomy derived from the NAICS standard, increasing sector granularity by 40x, from 800+ to approximately 20k economic activities.



We enrich companies’ information on economic activities and sustainable initiatives by using public online information, specialized data providers, and market & sector research, and by leveraging Natural Language Processing algorithms to derive valuable insights.


transparency &


Leveraging and improving the EU Joint Research Center methodology, we have built an automated top-down alignment calculation for exposures to companies not subject to Taxonomy-reporting requirements. 

Monitoring &


We provide monitoring and reporting capabilities to comply with any regulatory request. We calculate the EU Taxonomy alignment at company and fund level, providing full transparency on the most granular data sources, and continuous monitoring of all calculations as well as ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Wondering what it is like
to work with CARDO AI?

Step 1

During our demo, you will be able to explore first hand what our solutions are like and how they can enable to drive your business’ growth.

Step 2

After the demo, we’ll deep dive into your business and data model and see if there’s a fit. If so, we’ll put together a custom proposal for you.

Step 3

As soon as we kick off the project, we will seamlessly integrate your data as well as your partners’ and investors’ information, in order to give you real-time 360° view of your operations.

Step 4

Once we get your solution up and running, you will receive personalized training, ongoing support and technical services whenever you need it.

Step 5

Need a custom report? Have additional requirements to meet from your investors? We've got you covered! We offer constant support and will meet your custom requests in no time.

Step 6

We enable our clients to grow with us and build a faster and more efficient market. That is why we welcome you to become our partner and build the next solution together!

Why Cardo AI?

The most advanced structured finance technology

The most advanced Technology

Our calculation engine and underlying tech framework are superior to anything you have ever seen before. Gain a real competitive advantage inside the market.

Fast Reliable and secure structured finance software


Our clients have saved entire working days. Choosing us means accessing real-time investment data and making informed business decisions in a fraction of the time that is now commonplace in the market. Plus, you’ll gain insights you won’t find anywhere else.

The most complex structured finance strategies

The most complex strategies

One single platform to manage all your strategies: direct lending, ABS based SPVs, distressed strategies, fintech lending…we cover and know exactly how to treat data from every asset class, without the need for extra time or additional configurations.

The fastest structured finance software

Up and running in no time

Big vendors take months or years to implement their solutions. That’s not us. Thanks to our industry expertise and our proprietary AI and Machine learning algorithms, we simplify data integration and mapping. Our Microservices cloud-based architecture allows us to be flexible and set up your solution according to your specific needs, in no time.

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