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Streamline your

fund administration


Supercharge your fund administration with Cardo AI’s suite: speed up data management, calculations and reporting processes

Easily Manage

Big and Diverse


As a fund administrator, high amounts of data coming from different parties, in different formats, which needs to be onboarded and standardized. With Cardo AI’s solution you will be able to smoothly retrieve and analyze big volumes of data as well as managing new and innovative asset classes (BNPL, Inventory financing etc.), without worrying about data quality issues.

Gain more


In an increasingly consolidated market, fund administrators need more efficiency than ever to get ahead of competitors. With Cardo AI you’ll be able to automate all fund administration activities across structured finance portfolios.

Easily manage

big and diverse data

Fund admins receive high amounts of data from multiple parties and in different formats, which needs to be onboarded and standardized. With Cardo AI’s solution you will be able to smoothly retrieve and analyze big volumes of data as well as manage new and innovative asset classes (BNPL, Inventory financing etc.), without worrying about data quality issues.

Automate calculation of

NAV & other indicators

Fund Admins need to track costs and management fees, accrued interests and expenses, calculate IRR, performance and NAV. Cardo AI’s enables real-time access to all of these statistics and many more.

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Features built specifically

for Fund Administrators

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Next level data management

Onboard data coming from different sources, issuers and formats. Work with clean, standardized and consistent information: the data surveillance tool, with over 600 health checks, allows to spot data issues and track any change made over time.

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NAV and Valuations

Leverage a powerful engine, able to reconcile data required to perform automatic daily NAV calculation and portfolios valuations, eliminating errors in calculations and reducing reputational risk, without effort.

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Asset Purchase Process

Automate the assets purchase process and limits management: when assessing new portfolio proposals you can automatically (i) simulate the impact of new assets on current portfolio, and (ii) check contractual limits at aggregated and fund/SPV/asset/debtor level.

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Waterfall Calculations

Access a tool that allows to run payment waterfall, simulate the drawdowns needed from the different notes and produce the drawdown requests. A specific approve/reject feature enables you to exercise veto on new purchases.

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Transactions Monitoring & Reporting

Leverage a single point of reference for all SPVs serviced, through (i) dedicated analytics tools to monitor performance and collections in real time, (ii) receive automatic alerts in case of limits breach. Plus, you will generate automatically contractual, custom & regulatory reporting.

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With our asset accounting/loan management functionality, you can effortlessly handle loan disbursements, calculate amortizations, effectively keep track of principal and interest repayments, and easily manage loan modifications and implement valuation policies.

Wondering what it is like

to work with CARDO AI?

Step 1

During our demo, you will be able to explore first hand what our solutions are like and how they can enable to drive your business’ growth.

Step 2

After the demo, we’ll deep dive into your business and data model and see if there’s a fit. If so, we’ll put together a custom proposal for you.

Step 3

As soon as we kick off the project, we will seamlessly integrate your data as well as your partners’ and investors’ information, in order to give you real-time 360 view of your operations.

Step 4

Once we get your solution up and running, you will receive personalized training, ongoing support and technical services whenever you need it.

Step 5

Need a custom report? Have additional requirements to meet from your investors? We got you covered! We offer constant support and will meet your custom requests in no time.

Step 6

We enable our clients to grow with us and build a faster and more efficient market. That is why we welcome you to become our partner and build the next solution together!

Why Cardo AI?

The most advanced structured finance technology

The most advanced Technology

Our calculation engine and underlying tech framework are superior to anything you have ever seen before. Gain a real competitive advantage inside the market.

Fast Reliable and secure structured finance software


Our clients have saved entire working days. Choosing us means accessing real-time investment data and making informed business decisions in a fraction of the time that is now commonplace in the market. Plus, you’ll gain insights you won’t find anywhere else.

The most complex structured finance strategies

We cover all assets

One single platform to manage all your strategies: direct lending, ABS based SPVs, distressed strategies, fintech lending…we cover and know exactly how to treat data from every asset class, without the need for extra time or additional configurations.

The fastest structured finance software

Up and running in no time

Big vendors take months or years to implement their solutions. That’s not us. Thanks to our industry expertise and our proprietary AI and Machine learning algorithms, we simplify data integration and mapping. Our Microservices cloud-based architecture allows us to be flexible and set up your solution according to your specific needs, in no time.

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