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Take the wheel: How Cardo AI empowers you to drive your career growth journey

This is a brief introduction to Cardo AI’s development culture. We feel proud to say that we empower our talented members to actively shape their career growth and continuously improve.

Through living our values of excellence, context-over-control, self-improvement, caring, and customer-centricity each day, our people can take full ownership of their professional development.

This article will provide an overview of how we support every team member in their career growth journey through our unique career model, matrix, and commitment to giving them the autonomy and tools to succeed on their own terms.

  1. We’ll begin by exploring our values, focusing on self-improvement and how it enables individuals to drive their career goals.
  2. Then, delve into our career model which grants flexibility and opportunities for growth.
  3. From there, we’ll walk through the career matrix and what it means to progress along different levels.
  4. Factors like impact, scope, and complexity will be unpacked to showcase increasing responsibilities.
  5. An overview of our Training Policy and how we support our employees to succeed.
  6. Lastly, we’ll revisit our enduring dedication to excellence and how living this out cultivates success.

Ultimately, we aim to set the stage for you to step fully into ownership of your career.

So whether you’re looking to join us, new to the team, or a tenured member looking to take things to the next level, this overview provides insight into how Cardo empowers you to innovate, create, and thrive each step of the way.

Our Values

At the core of everything we do at Cardo AI are our values – Excellence, Context over Control, Self-Improvement, Caring, and Client Centricity. They guide both how we operate as a business and how our people approach their work.

Of these, Self-Improvement is particularly crucial for fueling career growth.

Through Self-Improvement, we encourage each individual to take ownership of their professional journey. It’s about continually seeking out new challenges, learning new skills, and pushing your boundaries to become the best version of yourself.

Cultivating a growth-driven mindset with proper support

That’s why we’re committed to providing the right context for people to improve. We offer robust training, resources for skill-building, mentoring opportunities, and flexibility to try new roles or projects. Our career model is also explicitly designed to honor self-directed development.

Career planning event at Cardo AI

By setting a foundation where strengths are celebrated and potential is unleashed, we empower individuals to iteratively level up at their own pace. Whether acquiring new technical expertise or strengthening soft skills, we give our contributors the tools and autonomy to always be a step ahead.

Of course, self-improvement is ultimately up to each person within our team. But by living this value, we strive to give everyone the best environment to reinvent themselves and their careers over time continuously.

Our Career Model

The career model available at Cardo AI

Whether you’re inclined towards people management and leadership or prefer focusing on technical mastery as an individual contributor, our model supports both. We’ve developed a dual-track model that allows people the freedom to find their path. Both tracks span on technical and non-technical paths. This provides flexibility to play to your strengths and pursue initiatives that challenge and motivate you.

No matter the choice, the aim is the same – to let each person fully own their development. We want our members to feel in control of mapping out their career journey and timelines.

Gabriele Guidoni - Career development testimonial

Providing resources and support for advancement

To back this up, we offer a suite of tools and resources for skill advancement. Among many resources, we can mention the internal training programs that allow us to deepen our expertise in existing skills or branch into new areas.

Also, company-sponsored certificates and courses help expand domain knowledge. Everyone is entitled to a specific learning budget per year to support their development goals. For top performers who exceed expectations, this budget can be significantly increased to further fuel their growth through additional opportunities like conferences or externship programs.

Our mentoring scheme pairs new joiners with senior staff to guide learning. Mentors provide ongoing coaching to set goals and review progress over time.

Skill masteries give opportunities to sharpen your edge on priority technologies. While rotational assignments may open doors to shadow different roles temporarily.

Overall, the model creates a structure where individuals can continually iterate on their path. And we ensure the right support is always in place to help design, test, and refine career plans at a pace that works for you. The autonomy and growth possibilities are there to empower people to their fullest potential.

Our Career Growth Matrix

Providing clarity around career growth is central to our model. This is where our career matrix comes in.

The matrix lays out a simple and transparent framework to guide advancement. It organizes roles into six clear levels, with descriptors laying out the typical impact, scope of responsibility, and complexity expected at each stage.

This provides employees visibility on a potential path forward. The levels serve as milestones to work towards through skills and contributions over time.

Beyond levels, the matrix also presents two distinct career tracks – one focused on people management, and the other on individual contributor roles. Both tracks span technical and non-technical paths.

What’s more, our values deeply connect to the matrix. At each level, examples show how to bring our principles of excellence, self-improvement, client-centricity, and more to life through your work.

For instance, caring for others may involve mentoring junior teammates at Level 3. Whereas at Level 6, it could mean fostering growth across the whole organization.

This marriage of hard skills and soft competencies provides a holistic framework for progressing your career aligned with our culture.

The matrix gives visibility, options, and guidelines to propel your career in a direction aligned with your strengths and goals.

Impact, Scope, and Complexity

Central to advancing professionally is the scale of work we take on. Three vectors allow us to track this growth: Impact, Scope, and Complexity.

These three dimensions are important because they help people understand that, besides the behaviors that are expected to be observed at each career level, for you to grow you need also to aim for a bigger impact, broader scope, and higher complexity.


Impact refers to the results, influence, and broader achievements generated through your efforts. Naturally, the expectations here increase at each level – be it driving team success at Level 3 or shaping markets at Level 6.


Scope looks at the breadth of responsibility. This could mean owning tasks as a junior or leading an entire product stream further along the path. The goal is continuous expansion.


Complexity parallels the challenges taken on independently. Early on, simpler issues with guidance are the norm. But later roles may call for autonomously solving strategic problems that push boundaries.

As career growth progresses, growing impact, scope, and complexity hand-in-hand is key. And through initiatives like our career matrix, contributors clearly see the next steps.

Internal projects provide ample chances to do more. Assisting in high-visibility company initiatives lets you stretch at higher levels before external exposure.

Externally, representing Cardo at leadership conferences and advisory roles with customers broadens both depth and breadth of experience.

With a focus on these advancing parameters, we empower our team members to keep reaching higher while finding flow in progressively demanding work over time.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At the core of Cardo AI lies an uncompromising dedication to excellence. It’s a value embedded in everything from our culture to product delivery.

We strive to offer best-in-class solutions and service to our customers through flawless execution and innovation. Internally, constant improvement of processes keeps us ahead of the curve.

For our people, it means bringing your best effort each day. Whether in crafting code or nurturing relationships, excellence asks that you pour passion into everything you do.
Concretely living this out may entail:

  • Surpassing benchmarks and pushing past basic, with urgency and care in your work.
  • Relentlessly updating skill sets to solve problems in smarter, more effective ways.
  • Spreading expertise through clear, thorough documentation and knowledge-sharing.
  • Seeking and providing constructive feedback to refine and reinforce strengths.

By setting an example that inspires and motivates others, you’ll propel entire teams to achieve more than they imagined.

Overall, our shared commitment to operating at the highest standard is what enables us to deliver groundbreaking results and positively impact the lives of our partners each step of the way. It’s an ethos that will drive our continued success.

Going further with a dedicated Learning Policy

We prioritize self-improvement as a core value and are committed to supporting our talent’s continuous learning and development. To make this commitment set in stone, we have a dedicated Learning Policy to support it.
As also outlined in our Learning Policy, there are two main categories for skill-building: Learning for Your Role and Learning for Your Market.

For “Learning for Your Role”, which includes experiences directly related to one’s current position, each person is entitled to a certain budget that is managed by their direct leader. This budget allows for strengthening competencies tied to one’s present role.

“Learning for Your Market” embraces training that expands understanding of relevant technologies and market opportunities for future growth. To qualify, a Performance Review rating of Excellent is required, with the subject matter aligning to long-term advancement. Each individual can then access an even higher annual budget for these more exploratory experiences. However, proposed learning must be approved by executive leadership first.

Personalized Development Plans

A personalized development plan created with one’s manager helps prioritize the most critical gaps to address under each category. Regular check-ins promote accountability in achieving goals and adapting if contexts change.

Our policy also emphasizes making learning a habitual, socialized experience through diverse channels and resource sharing among peers. By cultivating curiosity and setting concrete development targets in collaboration with leaders, each person is empowered to steer their unique journey with us.


In closing, we hope this overview has provided valuable insight into Cardo AI’s unique approach to giving power to career makers. By cultivating a culture of excellence, self-improvement, and client-centricity through our values, we aim to set our people up for limitless growth and impact.

Through our context over control framework, we keep every step clear, transparent, and measurable. Our care for everyone at every stage of the journey makes the growth process healthy, fun, and fulfilling.

Through tools like our career matrix and model, ownership of your path is placed firmly in your hands. We commit to providing the structure, mentorship, resources, and ongoing learning opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Part of living our value of self-improvement means investing heavily in our team.

Our learning policy ensures every one of us has a dedicated budget and time annually to pursue external certifications, conferences, hands-on projects, and more to keep advancing our skills. Top performers see their budgets scaled to world-class levels.

If you thrive on continuously developing your expertise while delivering results for customers, I encourage you to explore collaboration opportunities with us. Together, through an unwavering focus on excellence and empowerment, we will accomplish remarkable things:

We look forward to discussing how we can support your career growth journey. The possibilities are endless when talented and driven minds come together. If you can’t find the right position for your skill, send us a general application or follow us on our LinkedIn profile for future opportunities.