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Cardo AI is part of DIGITAL as an Industrial Partner and Beneficiary, under the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) program
Explore the 2024 roadmap to key global structured finance and securitization events, and make informed decisions with our curated guide.
Cardo AI has recently participated as a tech enabler to +77M Euros securitization structured by illimity in collaboration with Banca Sistema and Accounting Partners
Cardo AI's Hyper Data Room solution enabled Luzzatti Consortium to execute one of the first NPL sales in Europe compliant with the new EBA's standards.
This article will provide an overview of how we support this journey through our unique career model, matrix, and commitment to giving employees the autonomy and tools to succeed on their own terms.
Unlock sustainable finance insights with our analysis on the EU Taxonomy & three crucial questions LPs should pose to fund managers for effective alignment.
The Alternative Investment Management Association recently announced that they have secured significant regulatory changes that benefit their members...
The biggest trends undergoing the fund administration industry may turn into an evolve-or-perish situation in which only those who will react in a fast and smart way will succeed in tomorrow’s industry.
Main insights from the ABCP and Private ABS markets panel that took place at the 2023 Global ABS conference. The panel featured our CEO & Co-Founder Altin Kadareja, Eugene van Esveld, and Mark Escott, discussing...
What is the current state of the private credit market, and what are the prospects going forward? Here we summarize key insights from industry leaders at Super Return 2023, shedding light on the dynamics, opportunities, and challenges defining this sector.
The strengthening of the management team accompanies the constant growth of the fintech Cardo AI, consolidating its international positioning and anticipating the next...
After reading this article, you will understand the main risks related to the use of spreadsheets when managing structured finance investments and explore the real need for modern technologies in the market.

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