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In the world of web development, performance is everything. As more users flock to web applications, the demand for fast and efficient APIs has grown as well.
How is the new Basel IV framework going to impact banks? In this article we will discuss how Basel IV will affect banks’ risk-weighted assets (RWA) and capital requirements.
In this April episode of the bi-Weekly, we will walk you through the latest and most interesting news from the private credit market in Italy, US, and more.
The GACS scheme has been a useful tool for dealing with the high stock of NPLs in the balance sheets of Italian banks. Since its activation, the NPL ratio has droped...
After a brief overview of the emerging credit models, we will examine the particular data challenges they present and how market actors can successfully overcome them.
In this issue of the Bi-Weekly Private Credit Digest, we will review the main news and updates from Italy, UK, and the US.
In this article article, we will delve into the main trends that have been affecting the European securitization market in the last quarter of 2022, and provide...
In this episode of the Bi-Weekly Digest, we highlight some of the latest Private Credit Market Updates from Europe and the US.
Our own thoughts, from first-hand experience in this area, of what fintech is and what it can offer to data and software engineers.
In this article, we will cover updates on sustainable development projects, securitizations of SME loans, and developments in the fintech industry.
Thanks to a partnership with Cardo AI, Gardant will empower the tools at its disposal for data analytics in advanced reporting processes.
This article will provide an overview of what the final draft entails, including what the new guidelines mean for originators and buyers, and how they will affect the NPL industry.

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