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What are the main insights from the NPL Italy 2022, that was held in Milan? Our Marco Masotto and Alessandro Catalano summed up the trends and news from the conference for us:
In this article, we will make an overview of what happened at the Global ABS of June 2022, giving you our thoughts as CARDO AI about the main news and panel discussions we took part in.
Opyn, a leading digital lending platform based in Italy, has signed a partnership with Cardo AI, a fintech company that provides AI-based solutions for structured finance markets
In this article, we are going to review the main trends, news and updates affecting the European securitization market during the first quarter of 2022.
In this article, we will explore the main theories that attempt to explain the “Greenium” existence and the potential motivations behind its recently observed decrease.
Through this interactive event, with all-female speakers from Cardo AI, we aimed to connect, educate, and inspire other women interested in working in – and with – technology.
In this article, we will look at what the the Joint European Supervisory Authorities statement entails and what are the main takeaways from the update.
Considering that the overall market mainly focused on the Environmental aspect of ESG, in this article we are going to dive into green securitizations and its related standards.
Working with Agile methodologies and practices is natural for CARDO AI. Traditional business strategies, project planning methods, and workflows cannot work for the needs of our team...
This virtual conference represents the first in a series of interactive virtual conferences, that aim at connecting, educating, and inspiring all women interested in working in and with technology.
At Cardo AI we recently built and implemented our own IDP (Identity Provider) system. Read more to find out what it is, how it benefits our platform and the work behind it!
In this article, I want to make a tiny contribution to the community by explaining a very important concept like BigO notation using some power of visualization and my background in math.

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