Introducing Marti – CardoAI’s chatbot!

The chatbot trend has taken the commercial industry by storm, where having bots and digital assistants is becoming not only the norm but the primary channel of communication for providing services to prospecting clients.

With increasing interest and research on the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, bots are becoming progressively more efficient. Nowadays, the usage of chatbots is ubiquitous and synonymous with a booking holiday or ordering in restaurants.

However, in Fintech, the chatbots serve a more tailored purpose supporting the user along its journey on an application. From setting up accounts in digital banking solutions, assisting in the lending process via online forms to the lending robots that carry out investment strategies for retail or institutional investors.

Chatbots have become an intelligent solution for the significant financial and banking industry. They have eliminated the long queues at their branches, saving time and energy, giving customers the liberty to get the work done from anywhere without compromising the safety. [1]

For this reason, CardoAI’s next project is developing and improving Marti – the chatbot integrated inside the digital lending product to guide our users and help in navigating the platform with a personal assistant.

Say hello to Marti!

Upon login on the digital lending product, Marti pops up ready to accommodate the user’s needs through the interactive chat on the side that is available at all times.

Marti greeting users upon sign in

Thanks to Marti, all our users are now able to check their portfolio’s balance, the status of trades in different countries and currencies and several other statistics that will help the user to grasp the portfolio’s position and performance through a simple request by chat.

A sample interaction with Marti

Marti is also clever enough to suggest intents – possible actions that the user might request and information he wants to retrieve in a couple of seconds.

Not only can the bot display real-time financial information, but it also processes this data to provide insights and graphs based on it.

Marti displaying in-chat graphs

The chatbot is capable to depict numerous types of charts such as line charts, doughnut charts, allows the user to select and download files within it and even change the theme of the whole platform!

Our data science team goal is that through Marti, to automate and facilitate all the operations that are already available within the platform by enabling the end user to retrieve data and navigate the platform in the easiest way possible.

Disclaimer: The statistics shown on this post are obfuscated to preserve our clients’ data.


[1] How AI Chatbots Play A Role In The Fintech Industry

This was a collaborative post between myself and Elitjon Metaliaj.

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