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In our commitment to fostering continuous learning and growth, we’ve created a platform that brings education, innovation, and expertise together. Cardo Academy is designed to empower individuals to thrive in their careers and stay at the forefront of industry trends

If you just finished your studies and you’re looking for a challenging first job opportunity, Cardo Academy, our training program for recent graduates, might be just the right fit for you.

What is the CARDO Academy?

Cardo Academy is an initiative with the objective of helping recent graduates transition to the job market in Tirana. This is a chance to build your network, work with senior professionals and make an impact in the fintech world.

We know how difficult it can be to move your first steps in the job industry after years of studying. Oftentimes, after university and school, we still don’t feel prepared to enter the workforce. There can be a lot of confusion on how to find the first job. Especially when most companies require experienced graduates even for entry-level positions.

At Cardo AI, we want to make sure that all students have an opportunity to explore different career paths and experiment with what it is like to work in a company. We also want to guarantee a seamless transition into the job market, and that is why we decided to create our own training program.

The Program

The academy will span a duration of 3 months and will be divided into two distinct phases.

6-weeks deep learning program:

6-weeks research project program:

Classes available:

Why should you apply?

What you need to apply:

✅ GPA 3.0 or 8

✅ Conversational Command of Business English

✅ 3rd year of Bachelor degree or Master degree in progress

✅ CV

✅ Grade transcript

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