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Digital Lending Investment Management Technology

Digital Lending Investment  Management Technology - Mercury
  • Multiple Originators in a single view
  • Data Surveillance to manage data issues
  • Real time portfolio statistics
  • Custom trade valuation policies
  • Daily NAV calculation


Securitization Investment Management Technology

Securitization Investment Analysis - Equalizer
  • Single point of access for all securitizations’ data
  • Point in time and historical stats on notes, loans, guarantees and collateral
  • Cross SPVs view with 1click drill down at single loan or cash flow level
  • Stratification and cohort analysis

Hyper Data Room

Virtual Data Room

Digital Lending Investment  Management Technology - Mercury
  • Offer a transparent and seamless due diligence experience to your existing and prospective investors

  • Real-time access to data and loan books with interactive dashboards and tailor-made views

  • AI-powered analytics: slice and dice the portfolio, calculate performance statistics, apply stress test simulations

  • Info Exchange Section enables all investors to interact directly with originators and ask questions


EU Taxonomy Alignment Tool

  • EU Taxonomy alignment calculation at company, fund, asset manager and asset owner level

  • NAICS 6+ based sector classification (84% match with taxonomy activities)

  • Continuous monitoring of all calculations and ad-hoc reporting capabilities

  • Missing data from companies is provided by using public online information, specialized data providers, leveraging Natural Language Processing

Lets build the next tech together!
Lets build the next tech together!
Have a product in mind? Lets build the next tech together! Contact us to create the next big thing in private market technology.
# Users
Asset Managers, Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, SPV servicers
# Transactions

Alternative Funds, SPVs, etc

SME loans, Consumer Loans,
Trade Receivables, PA Loans, etc.
# Loans
35 countries, 22 sectors
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