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Gardant and Cardo AI sign a partnership to implement big data in credit management

Thanks to a partnership with Cardo AI – fintech operating in the private debt and securitization market –, Gardant will empower the tools at its disposal for data analytics in advanced reporting processes. Gardant, leader operator in Italy in the credit management market, both as a servicer and an investor, with over EUR 40bn (GBV) […]

Wiserfunding and Cardo AI partner to transform credit analytics in the private debt market

Wiserfunding, a London-based SME (small to medium-enterprise) credit intelligence platform, and Cardo AI, a Milan-based private debt investment management technology platform, are partnering to bring a new joint credit solution to the private debt market. Through the new partnership, customers can now access Wiserfunding’s SME risk analytics natively through Cardo AI’s platform, including the SME […]

Casavo e Cardo AI annunciano partnership per innovare e ottimizzare le attivitĂ  di gestione del debito

Cardo AI, piattaforma tecnologica che supporta gli attori del mercato delle cartolarizzazioni attraverso una tecnologia proprietaria, ha siglato un accordo di collaborazione con Casavo, la piattaforma europea di nuova generazione per vendere e comprare casa, con l’obiettivo di sviluppare congiuntamente un prodotto innovativo per ottimizzare le attivitĂ  di gestione del debito. Questa iniziativa consente a Casavo di […]

Remote and flexible working at Cardo AI

Innovation thrives in a culture of openness and flexibility. To foster a productive and creative environment, we implemented flexible hours, hybrid, and remote working at Cardo AI. Here’s how we did it. Remote and flexible working is a big part of our company culture. The transition towards this type of work arrangement has become more […]

The need for standardization in the European private debt market

Why does the European private debt market need a standardized model? In this article, we will explore the challenges of operating inside the private debt market and how technology, and in particular a standardized model, can help to overcome them.  Billions of euros in private debt market transactions are managed using spreadsheets, word documents, and […]

Why should you join a product-based company?

Are you wondering whether a product-based company could be the right place for you? Read this article to find out all the benefits and things you should know before applying or switching jobs.  As Cardo AI, we talk a lot and pride ourselves on being a product company. Or to put it into more exact […]

What’s it like to work in CARDO AI

Are you wondering what’s it like to work in Cardo AI? Are you thinking about whether this could be the right workplace for you? If that’s the case, in this article you will find everything you need to know about the talent experience in Cardo AI. We interviewed some of our team members and summed […]

Cardo AI will support Opyn fundraising process through the use of our Hyper Data Room

Developed by Cardo AI – a private debt intelligence platform – in collaboration with Opyn – a leading digital lending platform based in Italy – the Hyper Data Room is a flexible tool for all originators that want to increase transparency towards existing and potential investors. Opyn (formerly known as BorsadelCredito.it), a leading digital lending […]

2021 Review – What happened this year at Cardo AI

2021 review – What happened this year at Cardo AI As we are starting the new year, we took a look back at what we were able to accomplish during 2021. January is an ideal time to reflect on what we’ve achieved so far and what we expect to do in the months ahead.  Keep […]