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Navigate ABL transactions with ease through our new tailored solution

Successfully managing Asset-Based Lending (ABL) transactions demands expertise and continuous attention. Lacking the appropriate technology makes it difficult to efficiently analyze extensive data sets, leading to delays in decision-making and hampering adaptability to market shifts. That’s where Cardo AI’s new ABL solution steps in, mitigating inaccuracies in asset tracking, covenant management, and collateral monitoring. What’s […]

Securitization in the service of economic growth: Prometeia and CARDO AI launch an end-to-end solution for next-generation management and monitoring

In a market that is recovering but held back by issues of efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, Prometeia and Cardo AI join forces for an innovative solution aimed at managing and monitoring securitizations. A concrete response to the needs of banks, originators, servicers and investors. Milan, April 3, 2024 – The year 2023 saw the European […]