Class A Notes Class CJ Notes
TOTAL AMOUNT 80.000.000 20.000.000
TYPE Partly Paid Partly Paid
ISSUE DATE 17 Sept. 2020 17 Sept. 2020
FINAL LEGAL MATURITY DATE 27 Nov. 2035 27 Nov. 2035
LISTING Italy Italy
ISIN CODE IT0005421000 IT0005421000
INDEXATION Euribor 3M Euribor 3M
SPREAD/FIXED RATE 3.000 % 10.000 %
PAYMENT FREQUENCY Quarterly Quarterly
STATUS Still Outstanding Still Outstanding
  • Originator:
    ART SGR S.p.A
  • Servicer:
    Centotrenta Servicing S.p.A.
  • Sub Servicer:
    MON.NET S.p.A.
  • Back-up Servicer:
    NSA S.p.A.
  • Representative of Noteholders:
    Securitisation Services S.p.A.
  • Computation Agent:
    Centotrenta Servicing S.p.A.
  • Cash Manager:
    Banca Valsabbiana S.C.p.A.
  • Account Bank:
    Banca Valsabbiana S.C.p.A.
  • Corporate Servicer:
    Centotrenta Servicing S.p.A.
  • Arranger:
    Banca Valsabbiana S.C.p.A.
  • Reporting Entity:
    ART SGR S.p.A
  • Paying Agent:
    Banca Finanziaria Internazionale S.p.A.
  • Data Agent:
    Cardo AI
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